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Cover photo:
Melbourne city centre on a rainy night
Taken from the Melbourne Star
Photograph by Ali Kayn (c) 2014

Spring 2014

Sep - Nov 2014

David Gerrold and the Crunch of Ideas


by Ali Kayn

Steampunk: A Marvellous Excursion

Featured article

by Michael Pryor

History and Culture in Plants

Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens

Photostory by Ali Kayn

A Flight Above Melbourne

We take a flight on the Melbourne Star observation wheel

Richard Hryckiewicz and Ali Kayn

Visit to Melbourne's Immigration Museum

Photostory by Ali Kayn

High Tea at the Hotel Windsor

A Melbourne Treat

by Ali Kayn

How I Learned to Love My Android Tablet

Confessions of a Not-Geek

Ali Kayn

Turn Your Computer into a Virtual Album

A project to put your precious memories back into your everyday life.

by Ali Kayn

In Reel Life

Seven Westerns From Now

By Terry Frost

In The Bookroom

Me and Science Fiction

by David Gerrold

In The Guidebook

Hellenic Museum

Johnston Collection

The Usual Questions, recently answered by:

Author Harlan Ellison

and by Tanya Huff

and by Tim Powers

and by Charlaine Harris

and by Michael Pryor

and by J Carson Black

and by F. Paul Wilson

and by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

and by L. J. Sellers

and by Liesel Schwarz

and by Phil Nork

and by Mark Onspaugh

and by Diana J. Febry

and by Cecilia Tan

and by Tony Whelpton

and by Jaine Fenn

and by Kenneth W. Cain

and by Walter Jon Williams

and by Edward McKeown

and by Matt Howarth

and by Mike Jansen

and by Dan Abnett

and by T. Fox Dunham

and by A. G. Riddle

and by Rosanne Dingli

and by Colleen Collins

and by E. C. Ambrose

and by Josh Malerman

and by Thomas F. Monteleone

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